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The "novel" coronavirus that exploded on the world from Wuhan, China is simply the latest in a sea of what pathologists call a "diverse environmental insult" on your system. What can you do to keep yourself safe, not just from this, but all of the other "insults" your body must do battle with?.

Modern medicine does not even make the attempt to prepare you for that battle. Their "job" is to determine what you have already succumbed to, and then treat it. It is not for a lack of knowledge; it is not for a lack of information; it is not even for a lack of desire. The issue is there is no money to be made in telling patients how to keep themselves healthy enough that their need for medical services is diminished. So if a medical doctor to suggested something which normalizes (or boosts) your immune system enough that you need their services less, their income (and ability to pay off those huge student loans) drops.

What some call "human nature" comes into play: people do what they need to do to protect themselves, even if that isn't the best thing for the "other guy." Fortunately, that is not as pervasive as you might think. There are a lot of folks in the medical profession who are not trapped by that paradigm.


The Science Is In!

So I'm starting with Science on purpose. There are all sorts of products which advertise they can "do X" because some ingredient they are using has some research relating it to "X" in some way.

Well, the difference is that Immunotec Research spent $10-million conducting actual scientific research before Immunocal went on the market. There are independently run, placebo-controlled, double-blind, peer-reviewed and published studies showing that our products do what they claim to do!

This is not some "goober juice" that has some claims. This is a proven, patented product you can trust! Check out this link to find videos, links, and documents showing the science behind Immunocal, our flagship product.

At some point in time, you will want to click on this link and check out the Science behind Immunocal.


Brain Health

Who should check this topic out? Anyone who still has a functioning Brain.

While that is a little tongue-in-cheek, it is still serious. Here's a quick list of folks who will want to look into this topic:

  • If you, your parents, your kids or grandkids, or other loved ones play sports, and are worried about getting a concussion.
  • If anyone in your circle of loved ones is worried about Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, or other dementia related issues.
  • If you have a job that requires your brain to be functioning at peak levels.
  • If you want to put off "old-timer's disease," where you keep forgetting things, as long as possible.

If any of those are you, then this is a topic you want to check out.

Brain Health

Recovery from Workouts and Exercise

While this is directed towards high-end athletes, it is actually more applicable to the average person. After all, the high-end athletes have their trainers and managers who have to know this, and the average person does not. One axiom that comes from this topic goes: you are only as good as your ability to recover from your last workout.

So who would be most interested in this topic, and why?

  • If you are a personal trainer, you'll want to know this information to help your clients.
  • If you are a coach or trainer for a school athletic program, you'll want insights on how the top athletes get that way.
  • If you are run the booster club, and want to not only help the kids, but provide an income stream to support the boosters.
  • If you are the parents of a budding athlete in Junior High or High School, then you'd like to give them an edge to help them get the full sports scholarship.
  • If you are the normal person who loves to hike, ride their bike, row, etc, then you'll want to make your workouts better.
  • If you are the kind of person who loves to work in the yard and garden, gets up early on Saturday so you can get it all done and looking beautiful, and don't want to wake up Sunday morning feeling like death warmed over...

If any of those are you, then this is a topic you want to check out.

Workout Recovery

Live Longer with Higher Quality of Life

One of the first published studies of the product we call Immunocal today included data showing the animals fed the product lived 30% longer than the ones who were not. Who doesn't want that?

if someone tells you they are not interested in living longer with a better quality of life, they'll lie to you about anything.

— Keith Hooper

So if you are a normal person, and are interested in a longer life with a higher quality of life, then this is a topic you will want to check out.


Various Illnesses and Ailments

Let's start off with an important point: Immunocal does not treat or cure anything. It is a functional food, which means it has ingredients that offer health benefits extending beyond the basic nutritional value. One sublime quote which puts this into perspective is:

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.

— Hippocrates

So how does this play out? When we take Immunocal, our body, which knows how to return itself to a state of health, is supplied the ingredients needed to do so. Thus each of us will have our own "testimony" of what it has done for us, depending on what ailments, diseases, or other conditions we have. So if you are a normal human, who suffers from the normal litany of problems, then check out this page. It has several videos from others who have had their own results. There are many, many more such videos, and you will be given a pointer to where you can find them.


Be Younger Next Year

The Be Younger Next Year challenge is simply the fastest way to know that Immunocal is working for you! In 90 days or less you will have photographic evidence that it is working for YOU! Click the link below to see how it works.

Be Younger Next Year

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